What's Your Leadership Style? Quiz

Do you actually know what type of leader you are? Take this 2 minute quiz to find out.

Leadership Style

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I am comfortable letting others make the decisions.
If I do something for you, I expect the same in return.
I'd rather show people how to do something rather than just tell them.
Given the chance, I like to speak in a large team setting or on stage.
I am comfortable to rely on my own judgment in most situations.
When teaching others, I easily adapt my approach to match the people or circumstances.
In a group setting I make sure all opinions are heard.
I want to hear what others think before making a decision.
I have a talent for helping people see the bigger picture.
I like to make the big decisions myself so I'll know it's the correct one.
I feel comfortable telling others what to do.
If I start something, I don't rest until I finish it.
I put my team's needs first, even when it is tougher on me.
I have trust in others to get the job done right.
I enjoy making the rules.
I prefer to help others rather than pursue my own goals.
I am the one that others call on to help resolve a problem.
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